Hi! Welcome to Fresh Start Counseling, my counseling site. I am Glenyss Carney, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). I counsel individuals, couples, and families.

It takes courage to undertake counseling or even consider it. That you are visiting this site suggests you are curious or in need – congratulations for finding the courage to explore your options!

I hope you find some useful information here. What I can offer you is:

  • a free initial consultation*
  • referrals to specialists or other counselors, when needed**
  • a list of recommended books on various topics
  • my blog, which touches on a lot of different subjects
  • links to other sites that are helpful, inspiring, and informative.

*During the free initial consultation, we will explore whether you feel comfortable working with me as a counselor. Please contact me by phone or email (the former may be faster), to set up your appointment.

**I can provide you with alternative referrals for specific needs, such as wanting to work with a male counselor. I would also be happy to help you explore options, for instance, a support group or other particular modes of counseling, such as EMDR or biofeedback.

I have special interest in:

  • times of transition, when we feel lost or confused;
  • relationship issues, the meat of being human;
  • dealing with anger, a feeling which sometimes leads us to feel out of control or overwhelmed;
  • sadness, from loss of direction or from depression;
  • and parenting difficulties, the stew of family life.

Can I work with you on what is bothering you? Call me and we will find out!!

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